1. General Details

    This cost effective road light delivers a fresh new light to city roads, residential areas and industrial estates while
    making a significant contribution to a safer and more comfortable environment.


    • City streets

    • Residential roads

    • Industrial areas

  2. Product Description


    CCT Input Certiflcation Power Lumen     Dimension (mm)      LED Type LED driver Warranty
    2700-7000K AC85-265V


    CE/RoHS 28W 95lm/W L195xW306xH70mm Bridgelex Mean Well 5 years
    42W 95lm/W L225xW306xH70mm
    56W 95lm/W L315xW306xH70mm
    70W 95lm/W L375xW306xH70mm
    84W 95lm/W L435xW306xH70mm
    98W 95lm/W L495xW306xH70mm
    112W 95lm/W L557xW306xH70mm
    126W 95lm/W L617xW306xH70mm
    140W 95lm/W L678xW306xH70mm
    154W 95lm/W L738xW306xH70mm
    168W 95lm/W L799xW306xH70mm
    182W 95lm/W L859xW306xH70mm
    196W 95lm/W L915xW306xH70mm


  3. Features

    • Well designed for good daytime aesthetics
    • Long-lasting and robust diecast housing
    • Ribbed cover for good impact resistance
    • High quality gasket and glue-free lamp compartment installation for
    IP65 ingress protection
    • Intelligent raised frame design for better ingress protection
    • Breathing filter and heat sink for good air circulation and heat
    • ‘Twist and Release’ lamp replacement and easy gear replacement for
    safety and time efficient maintenance
    • High purity aluminum reflector for good lighting performance

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