May 5, 2016

be vigilant!Do not let poor quality, reduce distributed PV Lifeline.

Recently the quality of the photovoltaic power station is discussed constantly, also comes at a time when PV investment big step forward background, photovoltaic propaganda income rate, maintenance cost and service life of these sensitive index and have been paid more and more attention.


Made in China inferior shadow, in the photovoltaic field does not exist this problem, photovoltaic output of more than 70% of the world are in China and strengthen China PV manufacturers of competitiveness is still, regardless of the quality of products or, China PV manufacturers is No1. Vision to the domestic, why still plagued problems the quality of this photovoltaic power plant ?


Gresham’s Law, Downgrading Components popular!

It is understood that the domestic PV module shipments exceeded 40GW, most of which is A-level components,

Class B is a small part of the component. Domestic PV modules more than 50% are exported to foreign countries, the export of almost all A-level components, B grade components are used in the domestic photovoltaic power plants.


Class B components on the color and consistency of power are inferior to A-level components, but because the price is much cheaper, there is a certain market value and application scenarios, but due to the current market is good or bad for the component recognition is not high, because B-level components cheaper and more popular, a certain degree of bad money driving out good money phenomenon. A large number of PV manufacturers involved in the development and construction of photovoltaic power plants downstream business, so that the general quality of photovoltaic material deposited on each decentralized PV power plant in.


Word of mouth is the lifeline of distributed


Downgrading components most likely to use photovoltaic power plants is distributed, these new entrants are small investors new photovoltaic industry circle, around, including a large number of home owners investors. Because they can not understand the photovoltaic industry, rashly credulous cheap, a few years ago the gap seems small downgrade components. A few years later serious hot spots, cracked badly, attenuation and so on power followed, or even can not generate electricity, early investments are boondoggle.


Distributed PV still in the early stage of the outbreak, most of the EPC or investment companies, funds owned less publicity, most customers are relying on word of mouth publicity, obtained by the client presentation. In this case, to give customers high-quality components, accessories and services, is particularly important. Distributed PV Lifeline is word of mouth, word of mouth way is to obtain high-quality products and services. Unfortunately, we often hear such rumors, poor assembly quality, can not be used for a few years, do not believe that the new energy and so on. The “misunderstanding” because those benefits are blinded people, in order to short-term interests, the use of inferior components hurt the reputation of the industry.


There is no “cheap” lunch


Many will complain about doing distributed, client deliberately keep the prices down, peer vicious competition, are likely to lead to the use of low-quality components and electrical products. This aspect requires the installer from the customer point of view, the choice of quality components, good follow-up services, on the other hand require owners and investors can not be cheap, a sub-price goods, distributed industry profits now relatively low price also transparent and fair, is not conducive to lower prices installer of high quality components and accessories. Now the price per watt in the industry distributed in the $ 1.5 to $ 2, photovoltaic roof quoted at around $ 2 per watt, if less than this price, owners and investors should take inspection of product and service quality.


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