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In the Solar Pump arena we have pioneered in designing Solar Pumps with best utility and value for money.

The technology is independent of Conventional Form of energy and can be installed at remote places. Technology is ideally suitable for agriculture sector as it leads to self-sustainability and is free from problems like feeder damage, supply cut, rate hikes etc.

Solar Pumps are developed in such capacities that they can be used independently and with electricity also. With high performing capacity they can work tirelessly for 12 hours from Sunrise to Sunset.

Benefits of solar water pump:
•Solar power is clean. You never have to worry about polluting the groundwater or air with a solar water pump.
•Solar water pumping cuts down on waste because it is based on natural cycles. Your panels give the most pumping power on the sunniest days—when you need the most water.
•Plug and play –easy to operate.
•Comfortable water pumping time(7am to 5pm) no dependency on erratic power and expensive diesel.
•Solar-powered water systems take very little maintenance because they only have a few moving parts. They have long life—usually 20 to 40 years. And solar water systems never run out of fuel as long as the sun is shining.

solar water pump

Our high speed deep well pump can be both AC and DC input. Pump power rang from 100W to 50KW, We apply high speed brushless synchronous motor with permanent
Magnet in our pump, so pump conversion efficiency is high. Small size, light weight and convenient to use, our pump has the most advanced frequency conversion technology and switch between AC and solar automatically. With all the material stainless steel, our pump is of long lifespan and good reliability.
Automatic mode:
These is a microcomputer automatic switch in the controller. Once solar power reaches about 50W, controller begin working automatically and when solar is not enough,
Stop automatically. No need of manuals at all. Speed can be adjusted by DC inverter technology and frequency changed according to sun rays, so we can make full use of solar energy.

AC and DC dual-use mode:
Our pump can be connect with AC and solar together, when switch is on, solar power drive pump first and when solar is not enough, AC will supply the rest power. Automatic switch between solar and AC, so no need of manuals. Or u can choose either solar or AC.

Pump can reflect to sun rays quickly, adjust frequency automatically and work steadlily, which is better then traditional MPPT working mode, Automatic frequency convertion technology assures our pump to work well under weak sunlight and maximize solar array power. Water outlet is much bigger than other photovoltaic pumps because of high-efficiency motor and automatic frequency conversion technology. Also absence of manuals can greatly reduce cost of construction and maintenance. Our pump is well applied in automatic irrigation of farmland and orchard.

Solar powered water pumping is one of the most practical applications of solar energy on the market today. Our water pumps are reliable stand-alone PV systems that require no fuel and very little attention to operate and maintain. From small scale agricultural projects to large scale municipality water projects, Yashin water pumps fit almost every water pumping application. They are designed to be ultra-affordable and easy to install while still being engineered to be robust with low maintenance. Water pumping has never been so environmentally friendly.

Product Benefits

Provide clean water distribution with only solar energy
No moving parts with minimal maintenance
Can be installed in any location including remote off-off grid environments
Common Applications

Wildlife irrigation systems
Waste water treatment
Homes, farms, ranches and cabins
Villages, businesses and communities
Yashin Water Pumps Include

Solar modules
Solar pumping inverter/Controller
Float switch
Custom ground mounting system
PV wiring & grounding harnesses
DC disconnects
Wire management kit
Grounding hardware

Solar Pump Package

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