May 17, 2016

US giant alliance to increase use of renewable energy!

By a Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, GE, Unilever and other giant US companies to join the festivities of the “Renewable Energy buyers Union” target grid in the United States in 2025 to add 60GW of renewable energy generating capacity. If we can reach the goal, when the US wind and solar power generation than the current 60% increase.


“BBC News” reported that renewable energy buyers alliance of various green groups leader, about 60 companies responding. The goal of the alliance is to increase renewable energy generating capacity than the US government to set a higher standard in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the cost of electricity becomes more stable and predictable. Alliance also said, will try to get more renewable energy entrepreneurs were also purchased, and thus become a part of the electricity supply companies.

At present, Google, Amazon, Equinix, Walmart and other headed, there are 28 US companies to sign solar and wind power purchase agreement within the Union.

It has decided to increase the use of renewable energy in the United States or US enterprises, in addition to the above companies, including IKEA, Apple and so on. However, in the United States a hundred large companies, while 66 companies have introduced sustainable development goals, only 12 companies have solar and wind power purchase agreement. To increase 60GW vision when reached by 2025, the need for more investment in the company ranks purchase agreement to stimulate investment in renewable energy.


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